Heat Recovery Water Heaters

Heat recovery is cost-effective technology for restaurants, supermarkets, food processors and dairy industries — any business that needs hot water and uses refrigeration or air conditioning. By recovering the heat from your cooling system, you can heat water for free.

Heat recovery is one of Therma-Stor’s specialties, and Therma-Stor manufactures the most efficient units with the lowest pressure drop in the industry. Therma-Stor’s engineers have been the first to introduce major innovations in heat transfer technology — innovations which you can find in all our products.

You can look confidently to Therma-Stor for state-of-the art heat transfer technology — now and in the future.

A Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System recovers wasted energy and converts it to free hot water.

A typical cooling system removes heat from the area that needs to be cooled. Without a Therma-Stor Heat Recovery System, this removed heat, or energy, is just dissipated to the surrounding area or exhausted. It is wasted.

The Therma-Stor system uses this “waste” energy to heat water. The result is free hot water that can be used for dish washers, laundry facilities, cleaning, and more.